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From an article on "How Anonymous got it right and wrong in Ferguson": According to Tef Poe, Anonymous has been an important source of information for those on the ground -- amplifying relevant news on Twitter and serving as a source of new information as the local population struggles with the lack of new facts about the Brown shooting from local law enforcement.

"The only facts that the people St. Louis and Ferguson get -- the only new leads -- are from Anonymous, because the police department won't tell us anything," he told the Post. "You hear people in the street talking to people about Anonymous -- it's completely wild to me, because you hear 40-year-old women saying, 'Well, Anonymous said this on Twitter.'"

ohmigahd, 40-year-old women, next it'll be chihuahuas debating Israel's actions in Gaza.

Hey, Tef Poe, last night your mama didn't strike me as even a little bit clueless.

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