woman who reads too much (boxofdelights) wrote,
woman who reads too much

white christmas

I got a Christmas card from [personal profile] oursin! Thank you! Next year at Wiscon.

Didn't get the snow tires put on, dammit.

Winter Storm Warning for Northeastern Colorado
Active for next 17 hours ·
National Weather Service
Posted 2 hours, 30 minutes ago

A snowy Christmas night and Friday for North Central and Northeast Colorado.

A winter storm system will affect Colorado through Friday. Snow will become heavy at times late this afternoon into the evening hours, especially in the foothills and along the I-25 urban corridor from the Wyoming border south to Boulder. Heavy snow may also develop over the western suburbs of Denver and over the Palmer Divide this evening. Gusty Northerly winds will also cause some blowing snow and reduced visibilities over portions of the Plains tonight into Friday morning.

People Planning travel across North Central and Northeast Colorado tonight into Friday should be prepared for hazardous winter driving conditions.

Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until 8 am MST Friday.

Timing: snow will increase across eastern Larimer and Northwest Weld counties this afternoon and continue tonight. Snow may be heavy at times this evening. Snowfall will begin to decrease after midnight.
Snow accumulations: 5 to 10 inches by Friday morning mainly near the Wyoming border and along and west of I-25.
Wind/visibility, north winds at 15 to 25 mph will produce areas of blowing snow and poor visibilities down to a quarter mile or less at times mainly this evening.
Impacts: People Planning travel over the northern portions of the I-25 corridor should prepare for difficult winter driving conditions tonight and Friday morning. Expect reduced visibilities due to snowfall and blowing snow.

Recommended actions

Roads will become icy and Snowpacked with hazardous travel conditions. Visibilities will be reduced at times due to the heavy snowfall. If traveling allow extra time to reach your destination and keep an extra flashlight, a blanket, food, and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency.

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