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We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves question

Bookgroup discussion of We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves today. Reread reminded me of a spoilery question: Rosemary's cousin Peter has "an old scar curving across the bridge of his nose and ending way too close to his eye." I think this has to be connected with this bit from the end, when everyone is saying the things they have kept silent: "But there had been other incidents that my parents swore I knew about and had even witnessed, though I have no memory of them. Aunt Vivi had claimed that Fern leaned into my cousin Peter's stroller and took his whole ear into her mouth. Aunt Vivi had said she would never visit us again as long as that beast was in the house, which had distressed my mother though my father saw it as a win-win." But surely, if Fern had actually bitten Peter hard enough to break the skin, no one would have used the word "claimed". So is this just a random detail, not really part of the story?

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