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woman who reads too much

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02:29 pm: books for my nieces
I've got two nieces, 10 and 13, both read a lot. The last time I saw them, I gave the 13-year-old A Natural History of Dragons. Turns out she *loves* dragons, so I lucked out there. The book she was reading was The Life of Pi. I gave the 10-year-old The True Meaning of Smekday, which I was worried might be a little young for her, but I love that book so much I wanted to share it, and it turns out that like most avid readers, she enjoys things intended for older and younger people.

So I'm casting my mind around for Christmas presents. I haven't read Uprooted, but it seems very popular among my reading list. Maybe Seraphina, but a kid who loves dragons has probably read it already. The Cloud Roads wouldn't be too mature for a kid who chose to read Life of Pi, right?

Do you have any suggestions?

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Date:December 12th, 2015 12:30 am (UTC)
It's not dragons, but for spooky and beautifully written books in which girls have agency and boys are often true friends (one has a boy hero with a girl who is a true friend ;-) ) Frances Hardinge is reliably excellent.
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Date:December 12th, 2015 07:11 pm (UTC)
Yes to this.
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Date:December 13th, 2015 06:21 am (UTC)
Oh, excellent suggestion. I think 10 is the perfect age for Fly By Night. I haven't read A Face Like Glass yet but my daughter loved it.
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Date:December 13th, 2015 08:45 am (UTC)
It was splendid! Verdigris Deep (er, maybe Well Witched in the US?) is a good option, too, because it is set in England 'now' and so a bit more accessible, but it sounds as though she is already a keen fantasy reader, so Mosca and Saracen! And the sequel is equally good. The Lost Conspiracy is simply magnificent, though there is a lot of death in it, which can be a drawback for some kids.

Cuckoo Song and the newest one that I am temporarily drawing a blank on are a little more terrifying, so may be better read in the longer warmer days where nights are short and fears easily shaken off. I know I found them scary, and I'm nearly 50 ;-)

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