woman who reads too much (boxofdelights) wrote,
woman who reads too much

christmas day

Mungo asked me to show him how to make Big Molasses Ginger Cookies, so we did that today. To get the best texture,
1. Use Crisco
2. Keep the dough cool until it goes into the oven (I know that's not easy when she has you rolling the dough into balls with your hands)
3. Remember that they'll keep cooking on residual heat after you take them out of the oven, so take them out before they're done.

I gave
seasons 5-7 of Buffy, to Nixie
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, to Mungo
Sorcerer to the Crown, to Neal
Fly By Night and The Cloud Roads, to my nieces.

Nixie gave me a beautiful mask she made. Mungo gave me Redshirts and The Goblin Emperor. Well done picking books that I enjoy... which I know because I have already enjoyed both those books. I efficiently regifted The Goblin Emperor to Mungo. He found my description of Redshirts less appealing, so we're going to go exchange it tomorrow. Neal is making me a Thing for the kitchen, a piece of granite countertop, set an inch lower than standard kitchen counter height, with storage underneath, the whole thing on casters. It's going to be so heavy.

Then we had dinner with Neal's girlfriend, who had spent the earlier part of the day with her other not-genetically-related family (her former in-laws). Nixie is still struggling with painful feelings about her parents' not being a couple anymore, but we all behaved well.

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