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too many items

I have 23 items checked out from the library:

This year you write your novel / Walter Mosley.
Barn owl / David Chandler.
Making origami masks step by step / Michael G. LaFosse
The checklist manifesto : how to get things right / Atul Gawande.
Age of contradiction : American thought and culture in the 1960s / Howard Brick.
Bad feminist : essays / Roxane Gay.
A paradise built in hell : the extraordinary communities that arise in disaster / Rebecca Solnit.
The gift : creativity and the artist in the modern world / Lewis Hyde.

Hotel du Lac / Anita Brookner.
Dead to me / Cath Staincliffe.
Persona / Genevieve Valentine.
Deathless / Catherynne M. Valente.
Ancillary sword / Ann Leckie.
Watership Down / Richard Adams.
Ex Machina. Book One / Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris.

Californication. The second season
Silicon Valley. The complete first season
The theory of everything
Borgen. Season 1
Deadwood. The complete second season [
Boy meets girl
Clouds of Sils Maria

Plus 2 items on my Overdrive account:

What's a dog for? : the surprising history, science, philosophy, and politics of man's best friend / John Homans
The scarlet letter [electronic resource] / by Nathaniel Hawthorne

18 items on my hold list, of which 6 are fiction, 4 are non-fiction, and 8 are movies or TV shows. 1 is ready for pickup, 11 are frozen, 6 I probably should freeze even though their waitlists are really long.

That's close to normal fiction/nonfiction ratio for me. I don't read nearly as much nonfiction as fiction, but I keep them a lot longer. Even so, half of those are probably going to go back unfinished. This is the second time I've had A Paradise Built In Hell out, and it's going to go back unfinished again, and I'll cycle through the waitlist again. I should just buy it, but then it would keep getting bumped by books with time pressure.

It's Nixie who's reading The Gift, not me. Only 24 of those items are mine!

4 of them are for book groups. 3 of them are books I already own, but I can't find them right now and I need to read them right now. I have no idea how that situation with the TV shows happened. No idea.

What does your to-read pile look like?

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