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woman who reads too much

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05:36 pm: sales tax followup
I got a reply to my query to the science museum.

I wrote: "Science and culture are a public good, and should get some public funding. But sales taxes are regressive. They take a larger proportion of the income of people who already can't afford your tickets. If Issue 200 passes, will you do anything for the people who are supporting you through taxes but not through ticket sales or memberships?"

and the executive director replied:

"Dear Susan,

Thank you for contacting FCMoD with your question about Ballot Issue 200.

If the Larimer County SCFD ballot initiative is adopted by the voters, FCMoD would anticipate being able to increase outreach to our school partners and increase accessibility for low-income families through our Opportunity Program. You may not be aware that we have had a long-standing program that partners with local social service agencies to provide low-income families with free access to the museum. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to meet the demand, and hope that the SCFD funding will help us fill the gap."

I think that's a pretty good answer.

Tonight I can go to the classics book group, which is always interesting, and tonight is discussing Dracula. Or, at the same time, Connie Willis will be talking and then signing books. Both are in walking distance though it is quite cold. Which would you choose?

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Date:October 13th, 2016 03:02 am (UTC)
Me too, as my interest in her is vastly higher than my interest in Dracula.
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