woman who reads too much (boxofdelights) wrote,
woman who reads too much


blueberry pie

ME: Why are you not pie yet. I have worked and worked. Why must I still wait before I put you in my mouth.
MY DOGS: Welcome to our world.

Weather permitting, Nixie goes back to Portland tomorrow. We got some good pie crust practice.

Thanks to [personal profile] twistedchick for this interesting essay on how the Kremlin sees the world:
To understand the shift underway in the world, and to stop being outmaneuvered, we first need to see the Russian state for what it really is. Twenty-five years ago, the Soviet Union collapsed. This freed the Russian security state from its last constraints. In 1991, there were around 800,000 official KGB agents in Russia. They spent a decade reorganizing themselves into the newly-minted FSB, expanding and absorbing other instruments of power, including criminal networks, other security services, economic interests, and parts of the political elite. They rejected the liberal, democratic Russia that President Boris Yeltsin was trying to build.

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