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woman who reads too much

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12:40 am: solidarity
My tree guy came by today to pick up a tool he forgot the last time he was here. It was a beautiful day, and he's not busy yet, so he stopped to chat. We talked about the unseasonable weather, which has gone on so long that all the trees are budding out, and what that bodes for the tree fruit crop; and all the work he's getting from new pine bark beetle infestations. I've never talked to my tree guy about politics. He is a white non-college-educated man, and if he voted for 45, I would rather not know, because I like him. And he's never talked to me about politics, presumably because my trees need a lot more work and I pay in full and on time. But today, for some reason, he said, "I don't know where you stand politically, but these guys! And the stupid things they're doing!" So we spent a few enjoyable minutes arrghing about Pruitt, and pipelines, and fracking, and the aquifer, and Cory Gardner. And then he told me about the newly discovered exoplanets.

Also, look at these people protesting at their Republican representatives during their District Days! Rachel Maddow talks about how big the protests are, compared to the size of the populace, but also, look at all those old white people, marching! and standing up and shouting "do your job!"

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Date:February 23rd, 2017 12:38 pm (UTC)
I'm on Twitter (I know, I may as well stick forks in my leg) and every now and then some bloviating white man will say 'You know nothing about real Americans and that's why you lost!' And I find myself thinking, 'Well, on the one hand, true: I'm a Brit who lives in Australia. Americans baffle me, How can you be so nice and do so many crazy things? But on the other hand, dude, are you not looking at Americans? Are you not seeing how this whole debacle means that hateful angry white men are about to lose permanently? I don't think the Bannons of this world know anything about real America at all!'

I read a thing on Twitter that cheered me up hugely. I paraphrase wildly, because things come at us fast this year, but it was very like this: An American translator in Iraq had one of her Iraqi colleagues come up to her after Trump's ban and ask if she had a moment to talk. And the American woman felt her heart sink, and she started to say 'I'm so sorry…' and the Iraqi woman said 'No, no, look at all those people protesting! I had no idea Americans cared so much about people like me! How wonderful that is!'

I see you all protesting and defending decency. I think how wonderful it is, and how wonderful you all are.
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