woman who reads too much (boxofdelights) wrote,
woman who reads too much

wiscon programming wants you

Yes, you!

WisCon 41 programming signup is open for five more days, until midnight Monday, March 13.

If you've ever wondered how to get on a panel at Wiscon, it starts here: go to http://account.wiscon.net, create or sign in to your account, then go to http://wiscon.net/programming.php and volunteer for the panels that interest you. If you're not sure you're coming, or don't want to be on panels, it's still worthwhile to go to the programming signup page to say which panels you would like to attend, since we use that information to decide which ones to fit into the schedule.

If you're not sure whether you're going to Wiscon this year or not, remember that our Guests of Honor are Amal El-Mohtar and Kelly Sue DeConnick!

ETA Here is Amal El-Mohtar's story in Tor.com's collection "Nevertheless, She Persisted": http://www.tor.com/2017/03/08/anabasis-amal-el-mohtar/

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