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fool of questions

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woman who reads too much
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I plan to keep crossposting here, and reading all the journals on my flist, but Dreamwidth is home for me now.
'satiable curtiosity, alan garner, alice in wonderland, alt.polyamory, angela carter, attachment parenting, authenticity, autonomy, autotomy, autumn, beauty, blue flowers, boojum, book groups, books, boxes, calvin and hobbes, children's rights, civil liberties, civil rights, cognitive dissonance, competence is sexy, compost, corvids, coyote, coyotes, cranesbills, crazy hair, daniel pinkwater, daylilies, delight, dogs, dragonflies, dream, dressing up in costumes, elphaba, eriogonums, exhibition pedagogy, fairy tales, flirting, foreign language immersion, free will astrology, gardening, gargoyles, geraniums, getting to know you, gilbert and sullivan, gingerbread, goofing gloriously, grackles, griddlers, growing basil indoors, guerilla gardening, halloween, hermitude, history of knitting, homemaking, horses, intp, jane austen, joy, kissing, language, libraries, librarything, little nemo, llamas, mad puppy joy, magpies, marina warner, maskmaking, merlin, more books, my kids, my stories, myth, nausea, non-coercive parenting, paint-by-number puzzles, pamela dean, pariah dogs, peace, penn & teller, penstemons, permaculture, pogo, poppies, primary education of.the camiroi, privacy, procrastination, puzzles, r. a. lafferty, radical honesty, reading, reading aloud, roeper school, romantic friendship, russell hoban, seizing the teachable moment, self-directed education, serendipity, shared reading, shooting compliments in.a barrel, shyness, silence, simplicity, simulating normal adult behavior, sincere pumpkin patches, snape, snark, social anxiety, social phobia, soil, solitude, spring, steering the craft, stories, storksbills, storytelling, synchronicity, tame flowers, tarot, teaching as.a subversive activity, teaching programming, teenage liberation, temporary autonomous zones, the faith-based community, the mdeity complex, the packrat nature, the reality-based community, timbuk 3, tom stoppard, totoros, tricksters, unschooling, verbal exuberance, violets, walking, wallace & gromit, way too many books, weeding meditation, what is communicable, where the wild.things are, wild boy energy, wilderness, wildflowers, wolves, writing, xeriscaping, your stories

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